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Healthy Boundaries…Boundaries Set by You, and Advocated for By Us

When a couple separates the first thing each side needs to do is set healthy boundaries about how they are going to proceed. Expectations about living arrangements, communication, custody schedules, and financial projections all have to be set quickly and firmly. For a nonlawyer client who is also reeling emotionally from the devastation of the breakup, this can be a seemingly overwhelming task, but it is also a most important first step in the process.

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A Little Bit of Weed

One of the most common statements we hear from our clients lately is “what’s the big deal, it’s just pot.” If you’ve been watching the news (or not living under a rock), then you probably already know that the answer to that question is ever-changing in 2019. And, just as the legality and effects of marijuana possession can differ from Colorado to Texas or California to New York, so too are the details beginning to change from county to county and even city to city.

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The Texas Grand Jury

When a client first contacts us after having been accused of committing a felony-level offense, first steps to evaluate whether we can fight the charges at the Grand Jury level. Grand Jury proceedings are often the most important, and unfortunately, most overlooked opportunity to stop an erroneous felony charge. Because it is a less glamourous stage of the criminal justice system, Grand Jury hearings are left out of television and literary crime stories.

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