GS (Client 2020)

This past year I was accused of a crime I did not commit.  Long story short a person I had an intimate encounter with freaked out after being confronted by one of their friends and after that said I had sexually assaulted them.  Even with over 15 witnesses that saw what happened and stated nothing wrong occurred and one person saying it was obviously a consensual encounter.

The local police department knew they had no case but sent the case to the Dallas County DA’s office wanting a criminal felony charge to be placed against me.  I contacted Ms. Fox and was immediately put at ease by her knowledge, her compassion, and her constant reminders that I would be okay.  After going over the case with me in vast detail, she immediately knew that I had not done anything wrong and made sure that I knew she believed in my innocence.  That, within itself, was a game changer for me mentally and emotionally.  She took complete control of the case, having character witness statements written about me by my colleagues, making sure to have them put in the perfect order of which would have the greatest impact on the grand jury.

She then arranged to have me meet with a gentleman to do a lie detector test.  I had never had to face or encounter one of these before, and Ms. Fox took control and explained the fears away for me.  She stood by to ensure the perfect questions would be asked and to make sure that I was comfortable in the process.

One of the things that impressed me the most was her “shoot from the hip” and “no holds barred” attitude.  She called a spade a spade when she needed to make sure I got out of my own head and making sure I understood completely what was at stake.  She did not sugar coat anything, from what would happen to how things would happen.  She even made sure I understood that things would mentally get worse before they got better and to expect the depression that I would encounter.  Her no nonsense approach is refreshing, and her personal inner strength is something a client can depend on to get them through their own inner demons and nightmares.

Basically, she has been there and done that with her clients before and knew what was going to happen.  And she passes her knowledge on to future clients in order to help keep their mental and emotional aspects in check.  Her compassion and her heart set her apart, and her professionalism makes her the perfect person to take care of a client’s needs.

Thanks to Ms. Fox, my case was dismissed, and I was able to get on with my life.  She left no stone unturned and prepared for battle with an intensity that could not help but make me feel nothing but trust and confidence that she had my best interest at heart.  Her knowledge of the law is beyond reproach, and her professional demeanor is impeccable.  I trusted her with my life and am thankful I did.  I cannot begin to imagine how things would have turned out if I had not put Ms. Fox in charge of my case.  Because of her, I do not have to feel ashamed, and I can hold my head up high again.  She helped to save my reputation, and for that I will forever be eternally grateful.

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