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Megan Ward


Megan was born and raised in Southern Maryland, right on the Patuxent River. She grew up with her father and brother until she turned 7 when her father remarried. She gained a stepmother and a younger sister. Growing up, she loved sports and still does. Megan played competitive Volleyball and Softball from the age of 7 to 21. She was approached by a college coach asking her to join their volleyball team after her Senior State Championship game. She decided to continue with Volleyball when she started college in the fall. Megan went to Frostburg State University in a small town in western Maryland. After her sophomore year of college, she decided to take on a double major which had taken her away from playing Volleyball for the remaining 2 years. In December 2018, Megan graduated with a double major in Business Administration and Law with a focus in Legal Studies.

Megan met her husband at Frostburg State University in 2016. They got married in the Spring of 2019 in North Carolina where he was currently stationed. Shortly after they had gotten married, they found out that he was getting stationed in Anchorage, Alaska with the Army. After about a month in Alaska, they got their first puppy, she is a rescue German Shepherd named Lilly. She turned three in April. In April of 2020, Megan got another German Shepherd puppy named Riggs. He is a super energetic and playful puppy. He loves running and jumping to catch his frisbee. Alaska is extremely cold in the winters, as you could imagine. Summers only reach about a high of 75 and average 60-65. Megan found a passion for hiking during the warmer months and the view from the top of the mountains makes the hike extremely rewarding. There are very limited activities to do in the winter because of the negative temperatures. She decided to spend those months continuing her education in the legal field.

Megan had always dreamt of becoming a lawyer since she was a child. When she graduated college, she did not want to go straight to Law School because she was unsure if she wanted to continue with Legal Studies or a Management position. Megan wanted to make sure that was the right path for her, and it would be something she was still passionate about. While in Alaska, she had the ability to work as a Law Office Assistant, and from there her passion for law has continued to grow. In March 2019, Megan went back to school at the University of Texas at Arlington to achieve her Paralegal Certificate. She graduated from that program with a 3.99 GPA and was able to receive a Paralegal Certificate in January 2020. She hopes to continue her education and apply to Law schools in the future. She has a passion for Criminal and Family Law and hopes to continue to grow in love as she learns more.

Megan's husband was born in Fort Worth. When he was 12, his family moved to Virginia where he stayed until he joined the Army. He has always dreamed of moving back to Texas. This is Megan's first time even visiting Texas, let alone living. Through her time here, she has fallen in love with the sunsets and open skies Texas provides. It is very different from the living situations she is used to, that being the ocean. As for now, Megan is glad to have found her home in Texas and at The Fox Firm, PLLC.